12 Monkeys Season 1 release date premiere

12 Monkeys Season 1 release date premiere
You really wonder if new episodes of «12 Monkeys Season 1» will come – join us! Do you want to know when the show will come back with new episodes? Will it be this year or next one?

When will 12 Monkeys Season 1 start / premiere date?

Release date:January 16, 2015

About 12 Monkeys

Time traveller James Cole travels from the year 2043 to the present day in order to stop the release of a deadly virus by the enigmatic organisation known as “Army of the Twelve Monkeys”. That virus, in Cole’s original timeline, caused the death of 93.6% of the world population. Cole will be helped by the brilliant virologist Cassandra Railly and a math genius with mental issues, Jennifer Goines.

Tiser 12 Monkeys

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