Once Upon a time 4 season release date premiere 2014

 4 season release date premiere 2014
Do you know that Season 4 of «Once Upon a time» was considered worth renewing and new episodes of 2014 start air date is officially confirmed?

About the TV series Once Upon a time

  • TV channel broadcasting: ABC
  • Created by: Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis
  • Pilot Episode date: 2011/09/23
  • Episode 1 Season 1: 12.93 million viewers in the USA
  • Episode 1 Season 3: 8.52 million viewers in the USA

When will Once Upon a time season 4 start / premiere date?

Release date: September 28. 2014

Yes, due to many factors it was decided by creators of «Once Upon a time» that the TV series deserved being broadcast in 2014/2015 on ABC. Such opinion was shared both by experts and numerous fans, thus the decision was made.

The last polls showed that the TV show attracts attention and interest of more than 7 million American viewers, so it would be quite silly of ABC to deprive itself of audience such as this.

The spin-off of given project failed to meet expectations of its creators and thus was closed right after Season 1. Critics claim that this fact only confirms one more time that the TV series needs to be renewed. The main storyline of «Once Upon a time» is to be continued.

The date of Season 4 was scheduled for September 28, 2014 which was officially announced. «Once Upon a time» was renewed on ABC! Will the 4 season will be the last? We are waiting for season 4 Once Upon a time together!

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