Avatar 2 – DVD release will be held in 2017


In about two years in the world film production the new movies should be released, the most famous of which is the second part of Avatar. In some ways it will completely repeat the main idea and the plot of the first film.

So, the protagonist, who is now a full-fledged leader of the indigenous population of the planet Pandora, will have to confront a new offensive on the mythical planet, as well as attempts to force Na’vi people from their legitimate territory. But opposing to clan will not be military offices, but entire groups of mercenaries who act in the interests of big business, who decided that Pandora is a valuable treasure trove of natural resources. They are a crucial factor that pushes greedy businessmen at a military conflict with the Na’vi. Will Jake Sully cope with the threat, we can see the first in theaters and then on DVD, which is promised to be released in 2017. However, it is not approved by the date. According to rumors from various sources, a DVD can be released in 2018. All depends on when the official premiere of the film will take place. Distributors promise that if the world premiere will not be late, DVD will be released in a few months.


Features of the shooting

We should note that most shootings are carried out in Southern California in a specially rented and equipped pavilion. James Cameron has already managed to shock the audience with another loud statement as to whether the film will be shot entirely with the help of solar cells. Will this happen, or the director decided to ensure a good public relations to the film with a similar statement – it is really hard to understand.

The film company that will buy all the rights to the film, will be the 20th Century Fox. She was the owner and the first part of Avatar. Since most episodes of the picture require special training, they will take place on the ocean of planet Pandora. To maximize the display of the internal expanses of the ocean, Cameron even went to Russia, where he visited the world famous Lake Baikal. Judging by the comments, famous director clearly was pleased with what he saw. So it is quite possible that the ocean of the planet Pandora is a copy of the depths of Lake Baikal.