Believe 2 season release date premiere

Believe 2 season release date premiere
What is the future of fantasy tele-drama Believe? Will it be continued for its second year or not? Any news on premier date for the die hard fans?

  • Producing tele-channel is NBC
  • Pilot episode was aired on 10th March of 2014
  • Authors are Mark Friedman and Alfonso Cuaron
  • First episode of first season got 10.56 mln American views
  • Ninth episode of first season got 4.33 mln American views

When will Believe 2 season premiere date?

Release date:2015

About «Believe»

All nine episodes of series Believe were having such low rating that it became a disaster and led to finishing of the tele-series. In May of current year production company has announced that it is over for the series and there will be no another season thanks to the constant decline in views.
Althoug the first episode got more than ten million views and it the great result, by the end of season it was only four million people left to watch the series.
Plot and actors’ play were under fire of numerous critics, and this had its impact to a decision made regarding closing the show.
So, what should we do now?Yeah, probably just sit and wait for another NBC newcomer series for the next year.

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