Black Box 2 season release date premiere 2015

Black Box 2 season release date premiere 2015
Well, well, that must be the question many of us have had in mind for quite some time. Now, it is time to breath out and relax, although news is not good. ABC-channel has decided to stop Black Box production just after the first season is over. So, guys, there will be no another year of it. Thus the date of premier is cancelled by now.

About Black Box

  • Producing tele-channel is ABC
  • Pilot episode date is 24th April of 2014
  • Amy Holden Jones is responsible for the creation
  • First episode of first season got 6,8 mln American views
  • Thirteens episode of first season got 3,93 mln American views

When will Black Box 2 season start / premiere date?

Release date: According to rumors, 2015

Although that very first Black Box season gained a popularity attracting almost four million of American viewers and despite the fact id had very high stable rating as long as three months. Yet those responsible for decision making agreed not to make it new second season.
There could be various reasons, but we’ve heard that show design cannot fit into channel format. But then again it is questionable since first season was created anyway.
As how many of us may believe mighty Netflix will pay attention to such ABC tele-channel fault and probably we will have the chance to see the making of second season of nice particular tele-show. According to some experts there will be funds to create new episodes due its high potency.

As for now we only can sit and wait patiently.

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