Blocks – the world’s first modular smart watches


We’ve already seen modular smartphones, modular tablets are also of no surprise. But modular smart watch – this is something new. Blocks is the project of developers from London, who published it on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and just in a day they got nearly twice as much money as they needed – 450,000 dollars instead of 250,000. But before the end of the fundraising remains 36 more days. Is the idea of modularity smart watches so interesting for people?

Watches essence is that they consist of the base unit – direct dial and has connected units, which are separate units of watch strap. Each module is equipped with a special latch and a set of contacts, via which it can communicate with other units in the chain. In the video below you can see how the prototype of the watch works. This is not the final design of the device, so it still is repeatedly changing by the time of receipt of the watch on sale.


Among the additional watch units are additional cell battery unit with a SIM-card, the gesture control, fingerprint module, NFC-sensor, GPS, Haptic-module, additional Flash-memory, and much, much more. The user of the watches will be able to purchase the necessary blocks on their own and collect a strap of it. A third-party company will be able to produce additional modules, not just developers of the watches, as this is an open platform. Software for watches will also be able to be written by anybody, and more than 1,000 developers have received Dev Kit of the future devices. Purchase of additional units will be available in the company’s online store.

Cost of the watches varies depending on the kit. For example, the central unit with a conventional dial-strap is $195, and the dial supplied with four additional modules of your choice will cost you in the $250. Each additional unit will cost you $30. You can also order a unique watch with your name engraved on them, but it will cost much more expensive – 445 dollars, but as a bonus you will get additional three units to the pursuit of the above four. Those who will buy watches now will get them in May 2016.