Bracelet Kingii – a gadget that will not let you drown


Statistics of the World Health Organization said that every year in various water bodies drown more than 370,000 people. Engineers from different countries over the years have tried to develop a universal rescue system, which must be compact, efficient and safe for humans. Bracelet Kingii is a vivid example of a personal gadget, which combines all of these parameters.

Not all people like to wear life jackets during water recreation. Often such disregard for safety costs them life eventually. The lifejacket is not very comfortable to swim, and beach lovers won’t agree to cover their bodies from the sun, eventually losing the bronze tan? We put on the seat belt in the car, but what can be put on while bathing in the river or the sea to protect the live?


Kingii bracelet was designed specifically for those people who do not like lifejackets. Two exchange of a cylinder, each of which instantly fills the bag with the air rising drowning man to the surface come with a bracelet. To activate the bracelet, you just need to pull the metal lever. Rescue gadget is able to raise an adult with weighing up to 125 kilograms from the bottom, while it weighs only 139 grams.

Air-filled cushion remains inflated up to 48 hours, what should be enough for the rescuers to find a person gone over from the shore to the open sea. To come back to haunt rescuers a whistle is attached to the bracelet. The bracelet has also built in tiny compass so that person could understand the direction in which the land is located. The adjustable strap allows wearing the device for both adults and children. Like it or not, this gadget is much more useful than any fitness tracker, so it’s better to wear it on your wrist.