Californication 8 season release date premiere 2015

Californication 8 season release date premiere 2015
«Californication» fans have so many crucial questions: when is Season 8 to premiere, will coming 2015 bring the new Episodes of their favorite TV show?

About the Californication

  • TV channel broadcasting: Showtime
  • Created by: Tom Kapinos
  • Pilot Episode date: 2007/09/13
  • Episode 1 Season 4: 1.12 million viewers in the USA
  • Episode 1 Season 7: 0.64 million viewers in the USA

When will Californication season 8 start / premiere date?

Release date: 2015

Bad news for numerous fans of this comedy drama: Tom Kapinos, the director of the project, announced that it was about to end. «Californication» was on air during 7 long years on Showtime channel. During these years it was many times nominated for various prestigious film awards.

But nothing lasts forever and sooner or later everything comes to its end. The right holders of the project officially confirmed that fans shouldn’t wait for Season 8 and this current one is really the last. Final episode release date was set for 2014/07/29. After this the project gets «completed» status.

Unfortunately millions of requests from «Californication» fans had no result – creators declared that their decision as to continuation of the project wouldn’t be changed. Critics are sure that the show ran its course already after Season 8. Will the 8 season will be the last? We are waiting for season 8 Californication together!

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