Singularity (2017) DVD

25/11/2017 avtor 0

Wealthy CEO Elias van Dorne was trying to make the world a better place when he designed Kronos, a computer that was supposed to prevent […]

Fargo (TV Series)DVD

25/11/2017 avtor 0

Mild-mannered Minnesota insurance salesman Lester Nygaard has been picked on his entire life. He hates his job, and his overbearing wife nags him incessantly. When […]

Dementia 13 (2017) DVD

18/11/2017 avtor 0

Years after the mysterious death of her 6-year-old daughter, Gloria Haloran is spotted playing and talking with an unseen figure. Her worried family vows to […]

Crash Pad (2017) DVD

18/11/2017 avtor 0

Schlubby twentysomething Stensland falls head over heels after a one-night stand with the stunningly beautiful older Morgan. Taken aback by his neediness, Morgan reveals the […]

Poldark (TV Series) DVD

05/11/2017 avtor 0

Presumed dead by his friends and family, Captain Ross Poldark returns home after fighting in the Revolutionary War to find the life he left behind […]

Family Guy (TV Series) DVD

22/10/2017 avtor 0

This animated sitcom features the Griffin family, with Peter as the patriarch, Lois as the mother, and their children Chris, Meg, and baby Stewie. The […]