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Love, Lust or Run

27/11/2015 darina 0

Everyone is different beauty. The dress one girl never will wear, will please the other. This is considered normal, while the originality of each does […]

Lone Target

28/08/2015 darina 0

A former commando and extreme expert Joel Lambert is again sent to different remote corners of the planet to play cat and mouse with those […]

America’s Got Talent

24/07/2015 darina 0

America’s Got Talent is a TV-show on NBC channel and a part of the franchise «Got Talent». It is a talent show, where the singers, […]

The Real Housewives

30/06/2015 darina 0

Real Housewives – American media franchise consisting of several reality shows about the life of the rich housewives, living in different regions across the United […]


15/06/2015 darina 0

MythBusters is an American popular science television program on Discovery Channel. The hosts are special effects experts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, using their skills […]

Deadliest Catch

29/05/2015 darina 0

Deadliest Catch is a reality show being recorded by Discovery Channel in 2005. The show displays the real life on fishing vessels fishing for crab […]

Dance Moms

19/05/2015 darina 0

Reality show Dance Moms is a fascinating story about children who make their first steps in show business on the path to success and fame, […]