Childhood’s End season 1 release date – December 15, 2015


Fans of science fiction series are waiting for release of the new series directed by Nick HarranChildhood’s End. This will take place on December 15, 2015. This is the story of the capture of the Earth by aliens from other worlds of space. At first it looked pretty well: there were no wars, no one encroached on the civilization of mankind, no one attacked them. The appearance of aliens led to the cessation of all conflicts in the world, the establishment of peace and universal prosperity.

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Is not this the dream of mankind? After all, this dream seemed unattainable some time ago. But now, when it is implemented, people are dominated by other civilizations aliens. Will people humble themselves with such a situation? Living in such a utopia, losing their individuality, stopping their own cultural development – is not it too high a price for well-being?

The new series is shot by a literary work: the eponymous fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke. This work was published as early as the middle of the last century – in 1953. Shooting of the miniseries took place in Australia. The history of peaceful conquest of the earth and the establishment of an alien supergovernment will not leave spectators indifferent.