Creator of Madmen is preparing for The Romanoffs series on Amazon

The name and the first details of Matthew Weiner’s secret project, which the creator of Madmen will make under the sign of Amazon, are revealed. The series will be called The Romanoffs.

As stated earlier, The Romanoffs will become an anthology of individual stories. Each of the eight announced episodes of the first season will have its own story, not related to the rest. The only thing that will unite the narrative is that they will all tell about people, who consider themselves descendants of the Romanoffs’ house.

Weiner is not going to retell the history of the royal family and rummage in its genealogy, but will devote his show to exploring the connections of people with their ancestors.

“We are going through a period in history when a person tries to learn about their roots and to understand something about themselves through this information,” Weiner says. “The fate of the Romanoffs is much debated, everyone wants to know what happened to them. But my story is about our quest for ourselves.”

The action takes place in our days in different parts of the earth. It’s announced that none of the actors will be through – each episode has its own casting list.

Here is what Weiner says about the plot structure of his new offspring: “I liked the idea of telling the story, not adhering to the format of the series – that would be the only condition that should be taken by the viewer. Each story is self-sufficient, with its own denouement. No items will be transferred to the following episodes. For me, as a screenwriter, this is an exciting idea.”

The struggle for the possession of a new Weiner’s child won the service Amazon. The Weinstein Company will make production. For the first eight-episode season, it is planned to spend about $50 million. The creator of the series is obliged to put half the series of the season.

A few weeks ago, Weiner completed the formation of a team of writers who will write his new series. In the “scenario room” of the project there are Seven Chellas, Andre and Maria Jacquetteton, with whom Weiner worked in the Madmen.

Matthew hopes to attract someone from the Madman stars into the actor’s troupe of The Romanoffs.