Da Vinci’sDemond 3 season release date premiere 2015

Da Vinci’sDemond 3 season release date premiere 2015
What will be with fantasy historical tele-drama Da Vinci’sDemond in the nearest future? Alas, it has been officially confirmed by David S. Goyer, premier date is set in 2015 by Starz tele-channel.

  • Producing tele-channel is Starz
  • Pilot episode was aired on 12th April of 2013
  • Author is David S. Goyer
  • First episode of first season got 1.05 mln American views
  • First episode of second season got 0.58 mln American views

When will Da Vinci’sDemond 3 season start / premiere date?

Release date: According to rumors, 2015

Thanks to the david S. Goyer’s speech now we definitely know that there will be season three for the popular drama Da Vinci’s Demons. As well david will keep his post as executive producer for at lest another year.

About Da Vinci’sDemond

John Shibam the show runner, meanwhile is working on another project by the same tele-channel named Blackbirds, hi will play in it during 2014-2015. Shooting of third season of Da Vinchi’s Demons is starting soon in Wales, release date is set on spring 2015.
More details will come soon in regard of ten totally new episodes, they will be published after ending of shooting and fans will have pleasure to read them on the official website of TV-channel.
As we got to know from Shiban, he may start to work on untold story of famous Leonardo da Vinci and maybe even om shooting. So, would you like to wait for the third season of Da Vinci’s Demons?

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