Dance Moms


Reality show Dance Moms is a fascinating story about children who make their first steps in show business on the path to success and fame, and their mothers, having a thing for their daughters and literally always being with them. Young dancers work flat out every day, have doubts, cry over errors, experience failures, feel jealous for rivals, while their mothers are taking part in rehearsals, watching from the wings during performances… It all happens in real dance competition under the gun of cameras.


The host of Dance Moms is known coach with a difficult character Abby Lee. She applies harsh methods to her pupils. She teaches children to unfold in dance and… regularly adding fuel to the fire. Every now and then mothers think that she is too kind with her favorites and neglects the others. Moms cunn, row, intrigue, sort things out between themselves and with the coach, and for all one is worth, pushing forward their children. Passions boil, trainer presses, moms do not like – this it the show! But they stay for the victory…

The new 20th episode of Season 5 will air tomorrow on May 19, 2015.