Deadliest Catch


Deadliest Catch is a reality show being recorded by Discovery Channel in 2005. The show displays the real life on fishing vessels fishing for crab in the Bering Sea. The name of the series comes from the inherent high risk of fishing crab in cold and rough seas.

The premiere of Deadliest Catch was on 12 April 2005 on Discovery channel, currently filming of the series continues, and series is shown on television in more than 150 countries.

The main characters of the series are several teams of crab fishing vessels pre-defined by the organizers of shooting – Shiga Hansen’s team, captain of Northwestern, the crew of a ship Time Bandit, controlled by the Hillstrand brothers, team of crab fishing vessel Wizard, under the command of the Colburn brothers and some others.


The series shows the lives of fishermen in “turbulent Bering Sea” on ships of crab fishing flotilla. Filming crews keep a record of the events aboard the crab fishing ships and transmit what is happening on board to the extent as close to the real situation as possible. The life of the team on deck is described: casting and lifting crab fishing traps, hard work to maintain order on the deck, the work of cleaning the ship from the ice freezes and so on, the dangers faced by both individual team members, and the ship in general are emphasized separately.

Each episode focuses on a story or situation arising in one or several vessels of the fleet. An important element of this reality show is the dynamics of the relationship of the team members in a heavy and dangerous fishing. Particular attention is paid to the subject of difficult relations between the captains of teams competing for the catch (both friendly and hostile) – for example, between Shiga Hansen, captain of the Northwestern and the Hillstrand brothers of the Time Bandit.

A new episode will be released this Saturday, May 30, 2015.