DirectX 12 Release to Be Included in Microsoft Windows 10


In the autumn of 2015 DirectX 12 will be released by Microsoft. This was announced back in 2014 during a conference GDC 2014, held in San Francisco. DirectX 12 system is a framework for applications that is designed for Windows operational system.

Why have developers released this app? It dates back to Windows 95 operating system, which has got protected memory model. Because of this, access to system devices was very complicated and rather limited. MS-DOS is a direct access to the keyboard and the video card, and gaming systems-manipulators.


The new program goes beyond its predecessors: under its management a huge complex programs is set. Developers have learned that we need a new system for which gaming applications were made. Microsoft in 1995 released its first version of Microsoft: Windows Game SDK.

In later years it was already known as DirectX, which comes from word “directly”. DirectX 11.2 version has been available only for Windows 8.1.

The app, which is expected in 2015, will be included in Microsoft Windows 10. Technical Release of DirectX 12 can be freely downloaded – it is available to users.