Disney come up with three-dimensional coloring books


Disney Research Department has created a new application of augmented reality. It actually allows you to “revive” the characters of coloring books giving them volume. This all occurs in real time, i.e. at a time when there is a direct coloring process of the character.

The application monitors and captures an image of the book in real time thanks to the camera of the mobile device, and then it creates a three-dimensional model on any surface. In the example shown in the video coloring of the elephant is presented. On the tablet screen the elephant acquires three-dimensional shape, which is also in synchronism with the colored image in a book.

The application is still being finalized, so we should not expect it to appear in the public domain in the near future. In addition, as indicated by Gizmodo, it will work, apparently, only with coloring books, which can be bought in Disney Store. Nevertheless, we face a great example of technology enabling “to revive” the favorite characters of children and thus attract their attention. What is becoming more complex in today’s reality.