Empathy is surreal and painfully emotional adventure game with a first-person view. And emotional literally – the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, on the vast expanses of which remained nothing except the memories and emotions of people, which somehow got physical incarnation.

Catching up on the study of fragments of the former minds frozen in the air, the player will have to make a complete picture and to understand, what exactly was the cause of death of the once blooming world. And, of course, try to find a way to protect it from the ultimate apocalypse.

The gameplay in the game is non-linear, so each player will be able to build their way to the knowledge of the truth.

Iceberg Interactive and Swedish studio Pixel Night announced Empathy – an action-adventure game about emotions, which have become objects of the real world.


In the world of Empathy, society lies in ruins. Moreover, the reality shattered to pieces, hanging in the void. The only thing that remains are the victim of collapse and slowly dying world is scattered here and there memories and emotions of people, which somehow got physical incarnation.

The player will explore the surreal world of the game from the first person to study and manipulate the frozen emotions, paving their way to an understanding of what led to the crash. And, of course, the understanding of what happened, give a chance to stop the impending of final and irreversible apocalypse.

Release of Empathy, which, according to the developers, will lead the player’s hand, and will give them the opportunity to choose their path, should be held in 2016.

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and Studio Pixel Night announced that surreal adventure game Empathy, which we described. It will be available on Steam in September 2016. Fresh gameplay trailer and a selection of screenshots are included.