EO2: city car future


German Research Center of Artificial Intelligence has created a compact car EO Smart Connecting Car 2, designed specifically for driving on the busy streets of the cities where traffic jams can last for several hours, and parking lots are sorely missed.

Despite the fact that this car is a prototype, it already allows us to clearly imagine how some of its innovative solutions can lead to the development of a truly clever and even adaptive (so to speak) cars. White, with large windows and “butterfly wing” doors, fully electric EO2 may indeed seem to be the car which came to us straight from the future. Moreover, it behaves in the same way on the road.

All four wheels of EO2 are able to rotate 90 degrees, that is, perpendicular to the body of the car. This gives EO2 amazing maneuverability and allows it not only to actually turn in place, but to go to the side. With these capabilities, the car almost completely eliminates the problem of parallel parking.


Even if you have a lot of experience and know how to park properly, sometimes a free parking space on your way is so small that it is almost impossible to park the car properly and not to hurt surrounding cars. However, EO2 weighing 750 kilograms (about the same as Smart) can also still be reduced in length from 2.5 meters to 1.5 meters, making parking very easy and enjoyable.

Another feature of the car, according to German researchers, is the concept of communication functions, known as “Platoon“. EO2 is designed in such a way that it would be possible to cling to another (or several) EO2, organizing a sort of road-train. The advantage of this mode of travel is that the “Platoon” of EO2 cars becomes completely autonomous single vehicle, allowing its drivers to become passengers and enjoy the ride with a cup of coffee or reading newspapers.