Family Guy (TV Series) DVD

This animated sitcom features the Griffin family, with Peter as the patriarch, Lois as the mother, and their children Chris, Meg, and baby Stewie. The family, living in Rhode Island, confronts many politically or socially challenging issues in a humorous, stylized way. Many topics are politically incorrect, socially sensitive, or simply improper, but always are presented in a humorous manner. There aren’t many issues or people that this show doesn’t poke fun at, and the talking family dog, Brian, is the philosophical, moral center of the family, while Stewie is the maniacal device-building mastermind, always cooking up a devious scheme to conquer the world and the future, or at least his own family. The show is edgy but interesting in its portrayal of social issues.

Rating: TV-14 imdb: 8.4
First air date:January 31, 1999
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation
Release Date:November 7, 2017

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