Ford Mustang 6 2015 – Release Date of the New Generation Mustang is Approaching


On December 5, 2013 the official presentation of the iconic coupe and cabriolet took place, and their world premiere took place at the Detroit Auto Show in 2014.

Car enthusiasts are waiting for the 6-generation model of Ford Mustang. Its release is expected in 2015. Special versions constantly updating the model produced since 2005 make it popular and interesting for motorists.

Manufacturer Ford Mustang, the American auto industry, has decided to completely change the model and is preparing the sixth generation of Mustang for this purpose. Judging from the catalogue, the front of the car will change by receiving a new grille.



The new version of the car will change its size – the car will be a little shorter and a little wider. Furthermore, it will lose height. Through the use of new technologies and spot welding, the car will be lighter by 180 kg. Mustang Engine – four-cylinder, 2.3 liters and 310 horsepower.

The history of this car has started more than 50 years ago.