Friends Season 11 release date – the show is closed


Not so long ago on the Internet appeared rumors about the new season of Friends. Even then everybody began to argue about whether such iconic show needs new season after all these years. But now we want to tell you more precise information that has become available. Actor David Schwimmer said that one should not count on the new season, or special edition. The series Friends will never get to continue. How, then, should we understand the messages that have been received in respect of the upcoming project?

The comedy project was launched as a tribute to Jimmy Burroughs, which worked on the sitcom Friends, and on many others. And new episodes will be paying homage to this talented man who was able to create so many successful and popular projects for his life. In the new series will appear not only the characters of the Friends, but also from the series Frasier, Merry Company, and Will & Grace.


Although season 11 of Friends will not be released, we can once again re-watch the many episodes that we have in stock and re-watch our favorite moments and the best jokes. In addition, you can always find other movies with the actors from Friends.

Jennifer Aniston, for example, releases at least one film once a year.