Geostorm release date – January 13, 2017


The large-scale premiere of the new film will be in a couple of years. On January 13, 2017, will be released the new film Geostorm. This thriller is directed by Dean Devlin, who coped with the work greatly. He picked up the fitting cast team. Gerard Butler, Andy Garcia, Kathryn Winnick, Jim Sturgess and other less famous actors participate in the film.

As is known, the premiere of the film was to be held as early as 2016, but somehow, the team decided to postpone the date until next year.


The plot of the film is quite interesting. Like all the other films shot by Dean Devlin. The main character will have to work with his brother, who had not spoken for years with. The hero of the film develops satellites. He should forget all grudges and to resume relations with his brother. As destructive forces are looming to the planet. One of the brothers will have to leave the earth and go into space. At this time, there will be conspiring against the US president. Will the brothers be able to rescue an influential man and the leader of the country? We will learn after a certain period of time.