Gold Rush Season 7 release date – October 2016


Gold Rush is the US adventure show that tells the story of adventurers, who devoted their lives to the search for gold. The channel Discovery launched a series about six ambitious gold seekers in 2011 and immediately attracted the attention of critics. Six strong men risk their lives working in the toughest conditions on the planet, with limited time and resources to fighting for the title of the best gold digger and a large jackpot.

In the previous season, miners worked in the harsh conditions of Alaska. In addition to the personal benefit, each of the characters has family circumstances that have pushed them to search for gold sources. Personal life and motives of each of the participants in the show are given considerable time for the viewer to better understand the nature of each of them and make their choice in favor of one of the players.


Adventure documentary series Gold Rush won the hearts of audiences around the world, and has been featured in many countries. The creators did not disclose details of the new season 7, but promise that it will be no less exciting than the rest, and finally will help each viewer to decide for whom they stand. And perhaps find out who will be the winner…