The Golden Compass 2 release date premiere 2016

The Golden Compass 2 release date premiere 2016
The first part of the movie “The Golden Compass” was released in 2007, and despite this, still loved by many viewers. And, just recently, a rumor that one more expected next part – was confirmed. Exciting adventures and virtuoso acting, gives the film even more special, and the question is when “The Golden Compass 2” becomes more urgent every day.

When will The Golden Compass 2 premiere date?

Release date:Rumored, End of 2016

About The Golden Compass 2

The first plot stunning movie gave the audience exciting adventures of a little girl Lyra, literally plunging while each. The slogan of the movie is “Beyond our world, there are also others. Compass will lead you. “Creator of the popular film is Chris Weitz, in turn, he became famous for such works as “American Pie” (all bands), “A Single Man” (2011), «Spark» (2013).

The main actors will continue to Dakota Blue Richards (in the role of a girl Lyra) and the magnificent Ian McKellen (though only his voice in the form of Iorek Birninsona – Polar Bear).

In the director’s chair, as in the first film, Chris Weitz will, and over the work to create a new story line it will help Philip Pullman.

If you start from the data in the network and a trusted source, the date of the screens can be expected in 2016.

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