Google presented a cute know-all Panda and mailbox from the future


Google Japan introduced Google Panda – the dearest personal assistant of all times. Now you’ll see that it’s not only cute, but also extremely intelligent creature. Ask it about anything and get an instant answer! Due to Google Now service Panda answers to all your questions with incredible speed – 0.3 seconds. Toy recognizes 50 languages. This means that it is available not only to Japanese, but also to other users around the world.

Unlike most smartphones, Google Panda is protected from accidental damage. Thick and fluffy fur ensures that electronic filling will remain intact on impact with a hard surface. Moreover, the panda can take a walk or a jog, when worn on a hand. Your favorite helper will always be there!

The new personal assistant goes in sizes Google Panda 5 and Google Panda 6 and is designed for people who do not normally use mobile devices. Google Panda presentation can be viewed below.

In addition, Google introduced Smartbox – a smart box for correspondence (physical, not electronic). The device is protected against spam and automatically sorts the letters received. Mailbox also sends notifications to the mobile phones of users registered at this address.

The principle of work is shown in the following video: