Google will teach smartphones to count food calories from photos


Google is developing software for counting calories in photos depicting food. Researcher Kevin Murphy introduced the project Im2Calories at a recent event Rework Deep Learning Summit in Boston. He told the audience how mobile applications will transform for health and fitness with the emergence of a new form of artificial intelligence.

The project Im2Calories uses sophisticated algorithms of deep learning and depth of each pixel in the image to determine the type and size of servings.

It is obvious that people will really want to have such a thing, because it is very useful, – said Kevin Murphy


Despite the fact that Im2Calories is still in the stage of research and development, the company is already looking for uses of this technology in other situations. For example, using this technology, you can analyze the traffic to help drivers to find free parking spaces.

Developers are confident that the application for the analysis of calorie of the meals will be a hit.

A few days before Google unveiled an operating system for the “Internet of Things“, using which they are going to combine all of your home electronics into a single network and connect it to the Internet.