Happy Birthday, Windows: popular OS celebrates 30th anniversary


Now it is hard to imagine, but 30 years ago computers were different. Touchscreens? Voice control? Many users of the eighties could only dream about it.

Then, one of the most common systems was DOS. Commands usually have to be entered manually. Not the most convenient way to control your PC (although Linux fans do not agree with the statement).

Not surprisingly, the appearance of Windows 1.0 was a breakthrough. The graphical interface of the OS allows doing everything with the mouse. Everyone can handle the launch of the application – literally every housewife.

Release of assembly 1.0 – as you may guess – was held November 20, 1985.

The first version of “windows” has little resemblance to the current Windows 10. However, some elements are easily recognizable. For example, certain icons, programs like Paint or Notepad, scroll bars, even the dialogs.

The platform required Intel 8088, MS-DOS version 2 or higher, at least 256 KB of non-volatile memory, and video card HGC, CGA or EGA to operate

Plus the drive – to install Windows 1.0 with a 5.25-inch floppy media. Caught this one?