Hard West: XCOM in the Wild West


Release of XCOM 2 was delayed until 2016, but maybe this fall we will not be left without a good turn-based tactics. Studio Creative Forge Games finalizing Hard West – the game, which, according to the developers themselves, is inspired by XCOM series. However, its action takes place in a world where the legends of the Wild West live side by side with the demons, secret cults and satanic rituals. In a world where the dead can once again return to the living world. After paying a high price.

The plot of the game is in the spirit of classic westerns: the protagonist was left for dead, but managed to escape and now the goal of his life is revenge. However, everything is seasoned with deals with the dark forces, and the consequences they entail for themselves. The Hard West includes moral choice, and several alternative endings, depending on the decisions that the player will make during the game.


As for the gameplay, it can be described as a “XCOM with thingies”. The classical scheme of turn-based battles is added with additional gameplay features such as the tactical use of ricochets bullets or the ability to sneak in the shadows. The game also provides a strategic map that allows you to travel around the world of Hard West, many different types of weapons and perks of system development, referred to as “maps”.

The money for the creation of Hard West were successfully collected last year on the site Kickstarter, and the release of the game to be held in autumn this year on PC.