Hotel Transylvania 3 release date – September 22, 2018


Cartoon Hotel Transylvania has received great popularity and was liked by the audience, so it is not surprising that the filmmakers decided to extend it to the third part. Good box office revenue of the second film made this question almost a foregone conclusion. And now we can announce the exact date of release of the third animated film of the series. The premiere is scheduled for September 22, 2018 and, therefore, we will have to wait quite for a long time. To pass the time, let’s talk about what we know about the upcoming animated film.


In the spotlight are creatures and monsters of all kinds. They live in the Transylvania Hotel, which is built by Count Dracula. There, away from the prying eyes of men, monsters can live a normal life.

This cartoon has collected all the monsters that are just there, and involved to work on the sound recording for the characters comedians of the first magnitude. It should be no doubt that for the third movie writers still have in store many interesting stuff, and in the future we will see new characters and new adventures. You can follow the latest news about the third part of our website, as well as in the future we see the official trailer for the animated film.