Howl’s Moving Castle 2 release date – waiting for the announcement


This animated feature was filmed and shown in 2004. Then the story got a lot of popularity, and animated film was even nominated for various honorary prizes. But is it worth to count on continuation of the story? Will the second part of Howl’s Moving Castle be released? Nothing can be said for sure, because at the moment there have been no official announcement, but given the popularity of the first part and space for imagination, which the writers have, it is unclear why the continuation was not released until now.


The focus of the audience of the first part is on a strange castle on the “chicken legs”, driven by the young master – Howl. A young girl, Sophie Hatter, comes to him, who was the victim of a terrible spell. She wants to return everything as it was, but have no idea how to do it.

To blame is the Witch of the Heath, but then it becomes clear that se has suffered too.

This cartoon differed due to good graphics and interesting plot, so that the audience had accumulated a large amount. Watch for further news about the future of the project, which should appear in the near future. About this you can read on our website.