HTC One M10 release date – 2016


Model HTC One M10 is expected very soon – in 2016. Smartphone predecessor One M9 impressed everyone with its beauty, but in many ways disappointed – for example, a fairly mediocre camera and the minimum reserve charge in the battery. Obviously, the brand had some analysis of the feedback, otherwise it would be forced to retreat form the positions gained.

While the new model configuration is known only from rumors, the future owners of the smartphone HTC One M10 can only speculate about the advanced options and technical features of the new items. The Taiwanese company has always been famous for its quality, but somewhat standard, quiet solution that allows it to attract the mass market of the secured segment.


There is evidence that the new smartphone has already passed the initial stage of development, but details on functionality are kept in secret. Will it be called after M10 series or will change “the clip” – it is also a question.

It’s clearly known that the new HTC One M10 will support wireless charging principle, which certainly will attract new customers to the ranks of fans of advanced devices. M9 did not have such a function, but today this technology is gaining popularity.