Indiana Jones 5 release date – 2018


A long-time Steven Spielberg’s movie series about the intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones is experiencing a rebirth. Harrison Ford once again jumps into the seat of the tireless hunter of the historical and ancient riddles in 2018. The actor, being in the elderly age, is in excellent shape and ready to show the world his acting capability once again. What artifacts will Indiana Jones find this time, the filmmakers keep in secret. We know that Chris Pratt can take part in the filming.


In the previous series, the brave archaeologist has dealt with ancient Egyptian monuments, the Ark of the Covenant and resisted greedy and aggressive representatives of the Third Reich. In general, the main problem for Indiana Jones has always been various special agents – from Soviet to German intelligence. In one series Indiana Jones was trying to retire quietly and to teach at the university, but the talent of the researcher and the machinations of powerful villains whenever forced him to put aside the books and notebooks, and to take up a lasso with a revolver.

Fans of the movie hero have long bet on the likely development of the plot and content of future adventures of the famous adventurer. Let’s hope that next year we will be able to see firsthand the new version of the history of Indiana Jones and his friends.