iOS 8.3 – Release Date is Nearing, Beta-version is Ready


In 2015 is set to launch a new operating system iOS 8.3. There is already a beta-version, which is inaccessible to the common user: it is only tested by the developers and the iPhone registered in the program Apple Developer. If you update the firmware to iOS 8.3, then you cannot go back to iOS 8.2 any more.

What is new for users with the operating system iOS 8.3?

To express their emotions, users often use emoticons: the new system will have a new set of “Emoji” emoticons and in it you can find icons with different skin tones. Signing in to a Google account will include two-factor authentication. Interface for the game CarPlay will become wireless. The OS will have built-in voice assistant Siri.


All the advantages provided by iOS 8.3 update: Siri, connection to the game CarPlay – are very good, especially for those who use the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. But, in addition, the new system will make the work of the old devices much more productive. After a well-known blogger Kabriolett tested operating system and compared the performance of two iPhones 4s and 5, he noticed that the speed of the new operating system has changed. Work program has become much more efficient.