Iron Fish


Iron Fish is a “deep” psychological thriller where players will explore the dangers of the ocean floor. Find out what is really hidden in the vast abyss.

In the role of Tserus, a diver from naval forces of Britain, you will use the most modern equipment, financed by the Government to go down as deep as possible into the water. However, we should not forget that even the seven miles are considered potentially hazardous distance to human and only five per cent of the oceans have been investigated so thoroughly.

Under your strict control Tserusu is to discover many secrets hidden deep under water and, of course, survive in such a dangerous environment. You run face to face with creatures that have never seen the light of day and try to find answers to questions about the past of Tserus. And, of course, try to deal with the fact what’s in front of you – a myth or science.

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Key features:

  • Explore the extensive 3D-locations, starting with sunny coral reefs and ending with pitch black abyss.
  • Discover a host of new creatures, as well as lost and hidden underwater civilizations.
  • Try to outsmart the aggressive inhabitants of the underwater world, to avoid unwanted encounters.
  • Use deep signal checkers, sonars and other devices in order to successfully move along the deep sea.
  • Open all the details of an exciting story blurring the boundaries between science and the supernatural.
  • A stylish visual design, created using the Unreal Engine 4.

The development team includes former employees of Sony, Sega, Psygnosis, Realtime Worlds, and so on.