Jaguar XF Progressors – release date and the start of sales are not known, but the car was already presented public


The new generation of sedans of the British car industry says of its technological progress. Indian tycoon Ratan Tata has made a great financial investment in this sector of British industry, which allowed Jaguar to become not only more luxurious and more expensive, but more qualitative.

There have been changes in the interior, which were not made because of the design ideas and for convenient, comfortable driving of passengers of the car. Cabin has become a little more spacious, ergonomics nuances are taken into account, finishing has changed – its quality. The car is equipped with a new multimedia system.


In the previous model there was a disadvantage, which owners complained about – a very low roof. In a new development the designers have taken into account all comments and solved this problem. They also increased legroom. Appearance of the car has changed a bit. Moreover, the model has become much lighter due to the use of aluminum. It was used for the chassis and body, which gave relief of the sedan, nearly two hundredweight. Despite this, the body has become even tougher, and weight – easier. Modern equipment and engines of a new car make it preferable to the German models. Thus, it is possible to give preference to “British” to break the conventional pattern.