Jane the Virgin season 3 release date – October 17, 2016


The audience was so impressed by the comedy series Jane the Virgin that we are now talking about the third season of this project. But can we count on the third season, and when the new episodes will be released? Some sources indicate October 17, 2016 as the date of the premiere of the third season, however, it seems that this information needs to be clarified. On our site you can always find relevant and reliable information about this new product or other interesting series of recent years.


We remember that the center of attention is a girl named Jane, who grew up under the strong influence of her strict and conservative Latin American grandmother. And now Jane grew up, became a beautiful girl, but still adheres to very strict views on morality. She even rejects the indecent proposal of her fiance.

However, the usual trip to the gynecologist led to unexpected consequences: Jane discovers that somehow she was the victim of a random artificial insemination. It completely changes her subsequent life.

What will be next? Continuation of the story can be seen in the third season, which will be released in October 2016.