Kia Optima 4


New York Auto Show, which took place in April 2015, was marked by a number of interesting new products, among them was a new KIA Optima 4. For Europe, the car was presented only in September 2015 in Frankfurt. The European version has a small regional specification, but in general is the same car.

KIA Optima 4 has an updated design, first of all, you will notice a new grille and optics. They also increased the size of the car. The interior has also undergone changes. There is a completely new instrument panel, and the whole front part was completely redone. Not remained unchanged also technical stuffing. Now is given a choice of four engines. 1.6- liter, with a capacity of 178 hp, 1.7-liter diesel with a capacity of 141 hp.


They also left two old engines, the 2.4 – liter naturally aspirated with 185 hp and most powerful 2.0 – liter capacity 245 hp As the gearbox has been selected a seven-range robot. This box was developed by engineers from KIA.

What do you think, will this modification repeat the success of its predecessor, or the model will not become popular?