Kingdom season 2 release date – October 14, 2015


Broadcasting of the first season of the television series Kingdom was completed in October last year. And now, after 12 months, we expect a continuation of this exciting dramatic history.

The plot of the first season told us about a guy who quite recently returned from prison. The hero was arrested for the distribution of drugs. And now, the prison is behind, and a new life beckons changes. Now, naturally, he wants to live without breaking the law and become a model citizen, but fate decided otherwise.


His family is sorely in need of money. Of course, it is very difficult for a former prisoner to make money without breaking the law, so he decided on a risky step. Given his physical fitness and prison experience, the protagonist becomes a street fighter. It’s kind of gladiatorial combat, where you can earn quite well, almost legally.

Gradually, the fight follows the fight, the guy goes to the top. The family begins to prosper and at the very moment when he decides to get out of that business, life brings him an unexpected “gift”

Continuation of the fascinating history of street fights can be seen already on October 14, 2015. Many people are eagerly awaiting for it.