Leading man is found for the series by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Syfy Channel has approved Sean Teale for the lead role in the upcoming spy thriller Incorporated, which takes place in a dystopian future in which companies have unlimited power, according to Deadline.sean-teale-syfy

Teale (“Kingdom”) will play Ben Larson, a rising star of the megacorporation Chrysalis, who is determined to overcome shaky, bloodstained ladder of success, to find and rescue his girlfriend. Larson will sweep away anyone who gets in his way.

The plot of the series “Incorporated”, created by the writers and directors David and Alex Pastor, takes place in 2062, at a time when climate change caused irreparable damage to the planet, ethical limits are revised and American cities are simultaneously seductive and terrifying blend of luxury and the Middle Ages. The series explores the growing influence of corporations and special interests in Washington, and the slow but steady destruction of the public sector.


Studio CBS Television Studios, Universal Cable Productions and Pearl Street Films, owned by Ben Affleck and Matt Humphrey Deymonu will be engaged in the production of the series. Ted Humphrey appointed as a showrunner of the project and will share the functions of the executive producer with Damon, Affleck and President of Pearl Street Films Jennifer Todd.

For Teale, who began his career in the British TV series “Skins”, this will be the first major role on television. The actor recently starred in the second season of the TV series “The Kingdom” and “Mr. Selfridge”.