The Lego Movie 2 release date 2015

The Lego Movie 2 release date 2015
Cartoon “Lego”, recently became the pride of Motion Picture Arts and still remains a favorite for spectators. Since the first meeting took place not too much time, and just recently, the directors stated that they plan to release a direct sequel. Exciting adventures, unique way – all this is the highlight of the movie, and when the question is “Lego 2” becomes relevant with each passing day.

When will The Lego Movie 2 premiere date?

Release date: May 2017

About «The Lego Movie 2»

In the director’s chair, as it became known, there will be some changes. Chris McKay of the producers took to the directors, and to create the storyline of the second picture, it will help Michelle Morgan and Jared Stern. Directed plan to meet your budget to 60-70 mln. Dollars, whether they happen or not, will show itself premiered. Whatever it was anticipated film should please every viewer, from the smallest and ending already adults premieres.
Estimated release date is scheduled for the month of May 2017, namely:

  • May 24, 2017 – World premiere;
  • May 25, 2017 – Premiere in Russia (studio “Karo-Premier”), Ukraine and other CIS countries.

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