Linux++ – Release Date Is Scheduled for June 2015


This is a new work on the production of computer architecture on which works 75% of the company employees. The project is named “The Machine” and it will be built on the new RAM. These also are the new elements, memristors, that provide an ultra high speed for information transmission. The first PC emulator of this kind with the latest operating system Linux ++ will be released not until 2016. Work on the project has been going on for 2 years.


So what is the memristor? This is a new word in microelectronics. So called passive element made of tantalum oxide, which has some unique abilities. The charge flowing through the memristor changes its resistance. The new element can take the place of transistors which are currently used in microelectronics. It perfectly stores the charge passing through it, and stores all the information even if power is turned off. Capacity and speed of the new element is higher than today’s flash memory. Thus, developers will be able to create a more compact PC: as memristors replace a lot of unnecessary components. There will also be used silicon photonics technology: laser will replace the copper contacts. Users are looking forward to the release of new development with the OS Linux ++.