Lone Target


A former commando and extreme expert Joel Lambert is again sent to different remote corners of the planet to play cat and mouse with those who are well-versed in unfamiliar terrain. Joel’s task is simple: he has 36 hours to leave the chase and get to the appointed place, where the helicopter is waiting for him. On his trail are experienced pursuers: there are a lot of them, they are armed, they know all the local trails and shelters, so that the rates seem to be unequal. But on the side of Joel is a huge experience gained in ten years of service in the US Special Forces, as well as excellent knowledge of survival skills. The account will go for just seconds, and only the last ones will decide who wins this time.


In the first season, Joel was chased by the local SWAT team, now opponents became more diverse. In New Zealand, the Maori soldiers will go in pursuit. They know every bush and rock on their island. In Mongolia, he will have to outwit the local hunters-nomads – the gorgeous trackers capable to track down the beast for hours. Joel Lambert also will visit the US-Mexico border, the mountains of Scotland and South Carolina (USA) – find out what will be the final score!