Love, Lust or Run


Everyone is different beauty. The dress one girl never will wear, will please the other. This is considered normal, while the originality of each does not go beyond certain limits. Such women also became participants of the foreign reality show Love, Lust or Run.


Funny bows, horrible color combinations, in one word, each of them went crazy. The heroines of the show believe that they look stunning and compelling. To prove they are wrong, their photos are shown to the bystanders, and they are already making a choice – run, lust or love, as a rule, most people choose the first option. TV-show Love, Lust or Run will correct all mistakes. The game takes Stacy London – TLC viewers know her by other “fashion” shows, it was she who began to engage young girls, who then began to have the taste, personality, style, beauty and each is really starting to look stunning. In the reality show Love, Lust or Run the viewer can see a lot of interesting and sometimes crazy transformations.

The second season has been aired since in June 2015.