Mad Max release date

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Based on the presentation of the game Mad Max much attention is paid to the vehicle. Because the goal of the game is to collect the coolest vehicle on the heath. The player can drive a car or shoot from the trunk (using the body of the car as a shelter), changing places with mutant friend. At the same time, both a vehicle, and a mobile battle station, which you use to get to your destination, and can also use your vehicles for different purposes.

For example, when the hero was going to attack the protected fort, he could enter it, smashing gates with the hood, but the opposite action is also available – to cling with a harpoon to something and use the car as a tractor to pull out an object from the root. In the case wih the door – to open it, and in the case, for example, with a tower – to bring it down with the enemies and on the enemies.

The same vehicle can be used to attack the convoys. Journalists were shown the pursuit (it was a side-quest, so you can just ignore it), during which runs at high speed thrilling battle of vehicles. The most interesting moments were when while time deceleration player trying to shoot the gas tank of a hostile vehicle; it was also a very interesting element of the battle, where participants release harpoon linking the cars. Column of the enemies also showed interesting abilities, trying to “tie” a player’s car, and then burn it using the flamethrower.


Car upgrade was paid a lot of attention: in the garage, you can change the details of its body, paint, parts, and according to the developers absolutely every change affects the game – driving experience and capabilities of the vehicle.

The game has a weapon like a sniper rifle, but, apparently, aiming on the console is not very convenient, because the player representative of the studio did not dare to aim at the head to remove the patrol from the tower. Max’s weapon allows beautiful and bloody executions of the enemies and melee combat system in some way resembles similar to Batman, but more focused on counterattacks – certainly it is paid less attention than the car.

Summarizing the presentation, the game seemed incredibly atmospheric and beautiful on the graph (shown at PlayStation 4). Gameplay is very unusual and has a number of interesting features – we think, it’ll make a great project for those who are tired of repetitive shooter.

Release of the game is scheduled for September 4.