Major Crimes 4 season release date premiere 2015

Major Crimes 4 season release date premiere 2015
Will we see the new season of Major Crimes? Or will it be over? When will the TNT tell us the premier date for the upcoming fourth season? Now we know that 2015 is the year for the premier date of season four of tele-series Major Crimes. Done!

  • Producing tele-channel is TNT
  • Pilot episode was aired 13th August of 2012
  • All credits go to James Duff
  • First episode of first season got 7.18 mln American views
  • First episode of third season got 5.16 mln American views

When will Major Crimes 4 season start / premiere date?

Release date: 2015

About Major Crimes

After all worries now you can breath with some relief since it is confirmed that Major Crimes will be continued officially. According to Michael Wright, programming chief on TNT-channel, new fourth season will have 15 episodes, and they got financial funding already.
Schedule says the premier will be in June of next year, and it is not a big surprise, really. All experts were telling about popularity of show that will bring it another few seasons.

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