Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth game in the series of action/role games authored by BioWare.

The project was announced recently, so the information about the plot and gameplay is practically absent. We only know that the events of the game begin many years after the end of the original trilogy, so in Mass Effect: Andromeda you will not find Captain Shepard, nor any of the other characters.

As for the gameplay, it is confirmed by the return of all-terrain vehicle “Mako, which will be more maneuverable”.

The basis of the game is a powerful engine Frostbite 3, so the leap in graphics quality in comparison with the previous parts will be quite noticeable.

If you were waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay in the style of “going aimlessly”, then we hasten to disappoint you: the game producer Michael Gamble said that it will not be an open world in the traditional sense.

“I definitely would not call Andromeda a game with an open world, – he said. – We prefer the description “game, based on the study of the world.” At the core of the game is still intense history and all the cool things that people expect from Mass Effect”.

“Paramount role is played by research and investigation – said Gamble, – sometimes they take place in an open space, but not always. Some planets you can explore by controlling the conveyor Nomad, but our game is not a sandbox in the traditional sense”.

Simply put, BioWare are true to themselves, adoring to create quest locations of “corridor” type, sometimes diluting them with more spacious “rooms”.

Producer of Mass Effect: Andromeda Michael Gamble said on Twitter, that the game will have a lot of sex scenes, and they are made very well.

When asked by fan, «PG assessed good or CD Projekt RED», Michael Gamble said that games rated Mature (17+). So curious gamers can look forward to more. However, RPG fans not really accepted the answer, saying that the third part was Mature too, and intimate pieces get too innocent.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 21.