Media: Apple Watch 2 will get camera for videochat


Apple Watch has only recently come to sale, but it does not protect them from the rumors about a new model of smart watches. 9to5Mac sources claim that Apple has big plans for the second generation of the Watch, the main feature of which will be front-facing camera for video chat. Surely anyone who loves movies and games about special agents dreams of this gadget. It is expected that the Watch will gain a new look in 2016.

This hardware upgrade should also appeal to those who are tired to carry iPhone everywhere. It is reported that the next generation of Watch will receive the new WiFi-chip, adding them independence. The user can exchange messages with friends and enjoy a variety of applications without having to worry about the smartphone, left at the other end of the house.


However, it is unclear whether or not to rely on other improvements, in addition to the camera. It is reported that the battery of the second Watch will not differ from the first. Apple conducted the study and found that most Watch users are not upset that they have to leave their watches to charge at night. On average, by the end of the day they still have 30-40 percent of the unspent charge.

So, instead of extended battery new models can get more advanced hardware specifications. In addition, as sources say, Apple is exploring the possibility of expanding the lineup of Watch with steel and gold options. However, in this gadget as a smart watch is always room for improvement.