Microsoft Replaces Password With Biometric Systems Windows Hello


Microsoft is going to withdraw completely from the password using the security features of Windows Hello of the operating system Windows 10, whose release is expected this summer. The new tool will allow users to unlock their computers or access to websites with fingerprint, face or iris. The integration of biometric authentication systems in Windows 10 is a very promising step, given that such systems are just beginning to be introduced in consumer electronics from laptops to smartphones.

Microsoft said that in the case of Windows Hello it is enough to show your face or your finger or touch the device to make it instantly recognizable person. According to the company, the new tool is much easier and safer than the use of conventional passwords. Windows Hello meets the safety requirements put forward by business organizations. The system eliminates the need for users to keep their passwords on a computer device or network server, which complicates the task of attackers. This is stated in a message on


System Windows Hello was first presented to the public on March 18 at Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) summit in Shenzhen (China).

The function of facial recognition and iris based on the use of infrared cameras that provide high accuracy of user identification. This eliminates the possibility of forgery of user image.

Together with Hello the new version of Windows will be integrated with Passport system to create a user profile to access different sites and applications.