Minions 2 release date – waiting for announcement


Everyone’s favorite cartoon Minions can now be seen on the screen or, if you did not have time to watch it in the cinema, you should do it. The so-called funny minions are favorite characters of both children, and adults. Chief humor largely comes from these characters. They are ready to outshine all the latest cartoons that come out every day on television screens. It should be noted that children plays their toys with admiration.

Maybe you have noticed that many shops are selling toys with these characters and they are very popular around the world.

Particularly striking was the premiere of this cartoon this summer, which has pleased the many spectators, a new portion of humor and cheer. The first time appears on the screen cartoon titled Despicable Me and then Despicable Me 2, so now we are waiting for the third part.


The movie tells the whole story about the creatures that live a long time on this Earth. For the first time, they began to develop in the form of single-celled creatures. However, over time, they become funny yellow dwarfs. The premiere of the first “own” movie of the minions took place in July, 2015. The second is expected in 2016, most likely in summer.

If you have not watched Minions, then start watching, it is impossible to pass this wonderful adventure the 21st century. You will enjoy their humor and spirit.